Workshop: MASK Making

ART Workshop MASK making.

MASK Mania!!

Get into the holiday spirit and let your imagination flow.

This creative mask-making workshop inspires the exploration and expression of individuality through art. Participants get to create their very own, unique masks. They develop painting skills, and learn the art of mixing colours and applying patterns.

The workshop is well suited for group participants from diverse organizations. Structure, duration and detailed specifications are customized to suit your requirements.

The shorter half-day format is essentially a mask painting exercise. Participants are given cardboard or cellulose masks to paint.

The longer format is a full-fledged endeavour where participant use papier-mâché to create masks. After the masks are dried, participants paint and adorn them to depict the image or theme that they want to project.

An extended format includes a guided group discussion where participants present their artwork to others in their group, and discuss what their masks represent.

Acrylic paints, paint brushes, masks and other materials required for the workshop are provided by the instructor.



ART Workshop MASK making.

Exhibitions and Events — Archives

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2017 Studio Fine Art gallery featured six local artists at AAF.

Faith, Love and Hope — 4 May, 2018. Charity Exhibition at Assisi Hospice, 832 Thompson Road, Singapore.

World Art Dubai — 18 to 21 April, 2018

Affordable Art Fair Singapore — 2022 Studio Fine Art gallery to feature six local artists at AAF 2022.


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