Niall McWilliam

Niall McWilliam is an artist now currently living and working in Singapore. He recently moved from Scotland where his influences were mostly landscape based. He has exhibited his work extensively in the UK and Europe and has sold paintings worldwide. Over the years he developed a semi-abstract style which enabled him to work freely with color and form. He paints contemporary themes which enable the spectator to draw upon a variety of experiences. He aims to conjure moods which his audience can share and enjoy. Niall has developed his painting techniques allowing a layering of materials which are built up creating a visual depth to his work.

He has recently researched and recorded a number of street scenes in Singapore. He was drawn to the elaborate decorative facades and the variety of architectural styles. His recent body of work reflects the bold colors, signage and the narrative of each street. A simplified approach has been used to depict the scenes that he has translated in a mixed media format in a montage of collage, mixed media and oils.

Artist Statement

"I have recently moved to Singapore from Scotland and have embraced life here which has stimulated my creativity allowing a freedom of expression. This has been a revelation for me as I love the bold colors from the diversity of Indian, Chinese, Malay and European influences and symbolism of architecture to its rich cultural mix of people. I would like to explore more narratives within my work which will enable the spectator to understand where my influences have derived from. I enjoy representing scenes in a more simplistic but bold nature. The color combinations within my work have now been chosen with more thought. I still also enjoy the spontaneity of applying color as well."

Professional Highlights

  • Studied at: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee 1982-1986 BA Hons Fine Art Drawing & Painting.
  • 1 year General Design/Graphics Ceramics Sculpture & Painting 3 year specialised course in Fine Art B.A.
  • Exhibited July 2001 Artistic License, London.
  • Exhibited: February 2003 Royal Bank of Scotland "Art in The Park" Holyrood Palace joint Exhibition.
  • Exhibited: March 2003 Hilton Glasgow "Art for Charity" exhibition.
  • Exhibited: April 2003 "Nick Nairn's Restaurant", Glasgow.
  • Radio Interview - May 2003 Radio Scotland Arts Lunch Time Show.
  • Exhibited: July - August 2003 Hilton Dublin & Belfast "Art for Charity" exhibition.
  • Exhibited: March 2005 The Affordable Art Fair London (Leith Gallery).
  • Exhibited: June - July 2005 Macmillan Cancer Relief Edinburgh Art Show.
  • Exhibited: June 2005 Stirling Art Gallery.
  • Exhibited: July - Sept 2005 The Leith Gallery (Edinburgh).
  • Exhibited: October 2005 The Agora Gallery (New York).
  • Exhibited: Jan/Feb 2007 with Scotland Art (Glasgow & Edinburgh).
  • Exhibited: March 2007 The Affordable Art Fair London (Scotland Art).
  • Exhibited May 2007 New British Artists.
  • Exhibited May 2007 Newcastle Art Fair (New British Artists).
  • 2008 - 2009: working on new body of work after Scottish tour.
  • From 2010 - 2015 Building portfolio of work - while employed at School in Edinburgh.
  • Sold the majority of work to a lawyers firm in Edinburgh.
  • Living and painting full time in Singapore, since 2016.
  • Exhibition: May 2017 "Cowerkz" Singapore - Solo exhibition.

Geylang Road I_2017
Geylang Road I_2017, Mixed media with oil, 40×60cm

Haji Lane Reflections I_2018
Haji Lane Reflections I_2018, Mixed media with oil, 40×50cm

Haji Lane Reflections II_2018
Haji Lane Reflections II_2018, Mixed media with oil, 40×50cm

Acceptance of Both Flags_2016
Acceptance of Both Flags_2016, Oil on canvas, 32"×32"

Wind and Rain_2016
Wind and Rain_2016, Oil on canvas, 32"×32"

Exhibitions and Events — Archives

Faith, Love and Hope — 4 May, 2018. Charity Exhibition at Assisi Hospice, 832 Thompson Road, Singapore.

World Art Dubai — 18 to 21 April, 2018


Venue: Studio


Sangeeta Charan,
Studio: 47, Jalan Pemimpin, #06-03,Halcyon 2, Singapore 577200

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